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I linked to this in the BnG chat room. It's a safe, clean picture of a lady bodybuilder who, in my opinion, looks like a man. No harm, no foul, right?

Well, wrong. I'm now banned for two days because someone clicked the "next" link on the page which turns out to be a picture of something naughty. It's not what *I* linked to but apparently I'm responsible for it. I'm not arguing about the ban - your channel, your rules, yadda yadda.

But I am curious about how a picture to which I didn't link is my responsibility. I've seen people post links to safe pics and sites that themselves have links to unsafe and, sometimes, pornographic sites or sites which have been banned from the chat room. So where does the responsibility end? Do I, in fact, have to check every link on every url I intend to post or risk another ban?

Again, though, not arguing the ban. Two days is fine if you really believe I deserved it. I would, however, like some input on how far I'm to go in checking links so as not to be banned in the future.

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