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IRC is great, isn't it?

I remember when Coda regged #bng2 back on the PH server (probably out of spite, due some old Chat Rule about regging any channel with "bng" in the name). It was so fun idling there for absolutely no reason whatsoever.

I also remember a rather unknown fan comic back in '03 or so; went by the name "Chatroom Spectacular." Reading it (and before then, "Randomness") gave me the impression that wild, crazy, hilarious things were constantly happening in the chat. Then I realized (according to my own rational, accurate and unbiased theorizing) that it was only after iX, Dave, Kefka and/or Plague had a few and went at it... or whenever Alphacat shifted out of "idle-mode" and moderated the channel from time to time.

*continues pounding on community's chest, barely bringing it to consciousness*
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Everyone always sleeps and idles (sometimes simultaneously) whenever I join. It's a CONSPIRACY.

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Morning, noon and night. Sometimes two at once (but never more than three).
Too bad those old days are long past.

I used to also hang out in BnG2 too, quite a boring place, aside from the occasional moral misdimeaner.
Actually... I didn't create #bng2. I just moderated it. Someone else created it and the main channel staff assigned me to keep an eye on it since it DID have "bng" in the room name. (It existed before the rule, too, by the way, for the same reason that #bngfightclub was able to go on.)

And yeah, it functioned mostly as an overflow room (for conversations that wanted to sidestep the traffic of the main room) and as a hang-out with slightly looser rules than the main channel.
Basically all the cool people hung out there >.>
My mistake. You were the only chanOP I ever saw in there, so... yeah.
Speaking of PH, it's dead. Good riddance to tyranny. Any network that forces you to autojoin a channel on connect should be shot.