msmuffinmania (msmuffinmania) wrote in bobandgeorge,

I have a possibly n00bish question

Yeah, so, this guy in my German class, named Cole, put up a link on his profile saying that he is the creator of the Misadventures. I haven't read it but I'm under the impression that it's a fairly famous comic. So... is it possible that's he's the real guy, or do you think he's more likely posing? I can't find an email or contact info on the site...
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Well, PM Plague on the forums. Give some info about this guy, and see if it's Plague. I don't know if Plague's in college or not or anything...
Eh, it's not him. Thanks for helping.
Heh, sounds like this one time when someone went around their school saying they created a Kirby comic called C2+E3=K when it was really made by Pishi the Penguin. The students found out and forced him to apologize to Pishi. :P

It'd be cool if you called this persons bluff. >_>
I hope to on Monday... it's hard though, cause he doesn't actually go to my school, he's just in my German class. We use microphones and cameras because there aren't enough students in one school to have a full class, but there are in the whole county. So the teacher is watching us the whole time and expects us to remain 'on task'. I emailed him, but no response.